History of the plant begins in 1930 With many years of experience, continuous development, updating technology and industrial base, to date, it is now national scale, a leader in its field.



The company was founded in 1973 Today JSC "Gemoplast" - a leading in Ukraine and CIS manufacturer of medical devices..


Manufacturing enterprise cosmetic industry in Ukraine. ltd "Amalgam Suite" owns such well-known brands such as: complex anti-dandruff agents SULSENA ®, everyone's favorite LIQUID HAND CREAM, familiar from childhood children Cream, BUNNY ®, THUMBELINA ®, as well as cosmetics and other special purpose




Firm "Tekhnokompleks" was founded in 1992. The main activity is production single-use medical devices under its own brand "Glorious": clothing for medical staff and patients, sets operating surfaces, gynecological survey sets and instruments.


Private enterprise "Naturalis-Ukraine" has 6 years working in Ukraine as a manufacturer of herbal teas and fees herbs creation, production and wide promotion of effective product that brings maximum benefit to society.




Ltd. "PTF" Sarepta "provides wholesale and retail sales of pharmaceutical products in the markets of Ukraine, CIS and other foreign countries.



Ukrainian, modern, dynamic company, one of the largest manufacturers of medical products. Products are manufactured under the brand name "Bіlosnіzhka" and well established in the territory of Ukraine, as well as in neighboring countries.




BELLA - brand sanitary products for women, which occupies a leading position in the markets of Central, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia


Ltd. "Fragrance" was founded in December 1998 "Aroma" produces cosmetics for face and body, skin care and hair care, cosmetics for women, children and men, treatment and preventive cosmetics for the whole family, women's and men's fragrances.


Medical products "Bandages Tubular netting" designed for flexible, fast, secure fixation of dressings and compresses the different parts of the body, replacing gauze bandages and adhesive tape, thus: not violate circulation without restricting movement of the joints shall not prevent ventilation in areas of skin lesions.


BIOKON - cosmetic brand, based on medical scientific approach and tradition of natural and naturalness. Cosmetics BIOCON created with love and respect for each woman to give her loving care and beauty!



The company "Dopomoga-1" was founded in March 2005. Our main business is the production and promotion of the various markets of medical products under the registered trademark of Medicare ®.


n 1928, the beginning of its activity the future of the company "Lіktravi of Ukraine." Our produktsiyui see on the shelves of nearly every pharmacy. It attracts buyers for their quality, design and reasonable price. With the success of products are sold in pharmacies in Belarus, Moldova and other countries near and far abroad.




Ltd "Normal-Trade", Poltava, is a manufacturer of equipment for the disabled under the trademark "Simbo", and offers a variety of technical means of rehabilitation for people with disabilities.



Ltd. "Phytodoctor" - producer of natural cosmetics and hair care products based on thermal water from our own artesian skazhiny depth 811 meters. In the production of cosmetics we use a unique CO2-extracts of plants, which provide the final product the effect of a living plant. Production technology and 3-level quality control - everything is organized so as not to disturb the harmony in nature and do not harm human health.The company "Phytodoctor" is certified by the international standard ISO 9001:2008.