Ортопедичні вироби від ПП


Commercial offer from "LAKS" company


Dear Partners!

We offer you to take advantage of modern facilities to bring information about your products and your offers to pharmacies and their teams.

Offer for placing in a price list

We publish a printed magazine-type price list. This timely printing edition of high quality is always in demand. Every our pharmacy receives the price list in person.

Pharmacists and chemists of pharmacies are working with our price list, that are clients of "LAKS" company.

In our price list you can place your bright colored or black and white information about interesting offers for pharmacies.

Thus contacts with the main link in the chain of promotion of your products are being kept up. You have an opportunity to direct your offers with maximum efficiency and qualitatively evaluate their end results.

Price list delivery: daily.

Quantity: 1500 pcs.

Volume: up to 60 pages

If you are interested in bringing your offers to a lot of pharmacies and pharmacy posts in the remote places of the Ukraine, please contact us by phone +380(4631) 5-27-28, 5-27-25, 5-29-81.

We will professionally help you to find a contact with prospective consumers!

Offer for placing banner advertisements on the site www.laks.in.ua

Due to the fact that the vast majority of pharmacies are using the Internet for operational activities, online communications are urgently needed. We try to make our site convenient and useful for our customers.

Placing banner advertisings allows you to be always in sight of pharmacies’ managers. We will also offer you our analytics in order to choose an optimal advertising of your products.

Our specialists will help you to create effective banners.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact us by phone +380(4631) 5-27-28.

Layouts specifications

Ready-made layouts for the price list are accepted in the following formats: tiff, eps (cdr is sossible), pdf, jpeg, psd with 300 dpi resolution.

Layouts dimensions:

А4 21 х 30 см
А5 14,5 х 20,6 см

Formats of banner advertising layouts: png, jpg, gif, swf


side to 150 px to 600 px
central part
to 450 px to 200 px